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How do I get both sets of parents to show at the SAME TIME???

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I am trying to create a simple family tree and print it. For some damn reason it insists on showing either my parents or my wifes parents but never both at the SAME TIME!!! OMG I want break the internet, this should be automatic.

Any suggestions?
asked Apr 24, 2017 by jhokanson (120 points)

3 Answers

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I don't think there is a way of doing this. On my family tree, you can only see both partners' parents at the same time if you go to their cjildren. I understand, it is quite inconvenient.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by erisedstar30259 (5,500 points)
This is the correct answer. The “others” setting in “show options” will not change this. Sometimes I create a fake child, where none exist, if I want to print both sides of a family.
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You go to  "others" and put in two there, then all of a sudden both sides appear.

In options and then others after printing.


Hendrik van Niekerk
answered Jul 20, 2022 by hvn001 (190 points)
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I've found that it depends on which individual you have highlighted. If you click on you, it will prioritize showing your parents. if you click on your wife, it will prioritize her's. If you click on one of your children, it will suddenly show both sets of parents. If you don't have children, I'd suggest adding an empty entry as a child and then edit out that box once you've downloaded the chart.

Hope this helps, I struggled with it, too. It's not at all clear.
answered Mar 25 by Vintage_Lives_Genealogy (140 points)