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kicked me out (pls help)

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while i was working on my tree, the page told me changes could not be saved. i reloaded the page, and while my account seems intact (i could even create a new family tree), it tells me i don't have permission to access any of my previously created trees. I'm assuming the servers must have collapsed or something — I'm very worried nonetheless, the amounts of work put into this have been insane.

Would appreciate any help, even if it's just a link to a more direct helpline.
asked Aug 7, 2023 by AshGeneration (550 points)
I'm having this same issue.
I have the same issue.  I was looking at my family tree over the weekend, but now I get the message telling me I don’t have permission to view it.
I have the same problem as of just this afternoon, I am desperate for a solution to this same issue!!
This just happened to me as well :( I also think it's related to the servers, so hopefully we will get some news from the moderators in the next few days.
I'm having similar issues

13 Answers

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I'm having the same problem-logged in last night but now it tells me I don't have permission to view this family. I printed some of it last night, but no details. frown Hope I can get it back

answered Aug 7, 2023 by MauraJ (160 points)
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I've been getting the same error. It appears to be a service glitch since others have mentioned a similar issue a couple of months ago. I don't think it's anything to worry about and it'll probably be restored shortly.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by tkopaliani2 (180 points)
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Me too!  It tells me that I don't have permission to view my own family tree!

I hope I don't have to reconstitute a whole new tree!
answered Aug 7, 2023 by juki2222 (160 points)
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same happend to me :(
answered Aug 7, 2023 by fhqureshi (150 points)
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I'm having a similar problem: all of my trees are inaccessible. Whe I try to open them I get a pop-up error message "you do not have permission to view this family". I created all of my trees, so I most certainly do have permission.

I'm hoping this can be addressed ASAP.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by StefanmK (150 points)
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I am same boat My tree which I have built since 2010 says I do not have permission to access???
answered Aug 7, 2023 by kennyjbrown (670 points)
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Me too! I've been building my tree forever and now it says I do not haev permission to view this tree!!
answered Aug 7, 2023 by VioletWarford (140 points)
UPDATE: I receive a different message now - it says my tree could not be loaded and may be because of system maintenance. Try again in a couple of hours
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Same here. First it wouldn't let me save edits. I logged out, logged in, but get the same "you do not have permission" error message when I click on a family listing.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by dgdevil (210 points)
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I've having the same problem. Looked through old questions, seems like something similar happened in October 2019. It seems like was resolved within a few hours.

I'd guess it's just a server issue and not to panic.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by drakontes (150 points)
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I have been having the same issue (started about 20 minutes ago). It kept saying that I didn't have access to my own family.

However, it has now started displaying this message instead: "This family could not currently be loaded. This may be due to occasional system maintenance, so please try again in a few hours."

I assume that means it's just a temporary problem, and that it will be fixed soon.
answered Aug 7, 2023 by Feranie (150 points)
Reply from creator Gideon:
"One of the family storage servers crashed, we're rebooting it and hope to bring it back up shortly. Your data is not at risk (in the worst case, we have encrypted backups)."
I can now access my family trees again, so all is good :)