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kicked me out (pls help)

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while i was working on my tree, the page told me changes could not be saved. i reloaded the page, and while my account seems intact (i could even create a new family tree), it tells me i don't have permission to access any of my previously created trees. I'm assuming the servers must have collapsed or something — I'm very worried nonetheless, the amounts of work put into this have been insane.

Would appreciate any help, even if it's just a link to a more direct helpline.
asked Aug 7, 2023 by AshGeneration (550 points)
I'm having this same issue.
I have the same issue.  I was looking at my family tree over the weekend, but now I get the message telling me I don’t have permission to view it.
I have the same problem as of just this afternoon, I am desperate for a solution to this same issue!!
This just happened to me as well :( I also think it's related to the servers, so hopefully we will get some news from the moderators in the next few days.
I'm having similar issues

13 Answers

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One of the family storage servers crashed, we're working on it...
answered Aug 7, 2023 by gidgreen (10,880 points)
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This seems to be an issue with the servers. I'm sure that there's nothing permanently broken with the system, just a temporary hiccup. I would suggest waiting it out until one of the developers notices the issue and can resolves it. Just stay calm :)
answered Aug 7, 2023 by Dante_Stone (940 points)
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Everything is back to normal, sorry for the outage (was around 2 hours).
answered Aug 8, 2023 by gidgreen (10,880 points)