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A very annoying thing that should probably be fixed?

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Hey there,

I was perusing through a family tree I'm creating and I couldn't help but notice this really ugly thing going on.

Basically, a person named Marigold Ravan appears an appaling three times when I click on her stepfather, Juan Soltero. I don't know why this is. VIctor Ravan (her biological father) and Stephanie Weiser (her biological mother) had a child (Marigold) and then got divorced. Juan and Stephanie got married and he is now her stepfather.

I feel like for such a common situation, FamilyEcho should be able to show it without using duplicates.

asked Dec 29, 2022 by Dante_Stone (940 points)

1 Answer

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This is how FamilyEcho handles this situation. Juan is not the father, Marigold is his wife's daughter.

To create this:
Act faster than in real life cool -   Give Stephanie a husband, Victor. Set their partner-type to divorced.
Create the child Marigold, you will see the correct partner will be suggested.
Give Stephanie a new (primary) partner, Juan. Set their partner-type to married.



After Dantes reply I added this:

When I click on Juan everyone appears just once.
So yes, I did not really react on your main complaint. The reason is simply that I think that I can show that what you encountered is not the normal working of FamilyEcho (and did so?).
But please: clarify how I could have told you what you really wanted to know, I must have misunderstood you, sorry. (I am just another end-user, reacting to help out, if possible).

duplicates as implemented by FamilyEcho

This is where and how duplicates are functional (example):

Jan Koning, below, has both grandparents from his mother's side and grandparents from his father's side.
His wife Guurtje Noome, next to him, has both grandparents from her mother's side and grandparents from her father's side. The thing is, they are cousins AND they married.

So their children could have had eight great-grandparents, but now they have only six! (the ones in this answer in bold italic text, Jan Noome sr and Trijntje Laan being the same people on both sides).

FamilyEcho depicts all eight, if only because now you see exactly who the parents of Jan Noome jr and Neeltje Noome are.
But they are annotated on one side as being Duplicates.
This could have been drawn differently if it is the only anomaly, but before you know it things get too complicated.

So I can surely live with their solution. Elegant enough, it is, even.

answered Dec 31, 2022 by ajkoning17 (490 points)
edited Jan 9, 2023 by ajkoning17
That wasn't really what I wanted to know, but thanks I guess.
For some reason I do not have the possibility anymore to add a picture here (don't know why...)

So quite unorthodox, I added this comment at the bottom of my previous answer...
I was kind of hoping somebody from FamilyEcho would come by and see this so that this issue could be fixed.