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How do you enter a year bigger than 9999 for birth dates?

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I am creating a fantasy family tree for an old and respected house. The world is divided into multiple ages, one of which lasts roughly 11800 years. I can't type "E"  or "X" for eleven & ten at the begginning of birth year, as it just gets rid of the birth date as if it doesn't exist. What can I do to fix this?
asked Nov 15, 2022 by Oval53 (130 points)

2 Answers

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You can't- because the max number of characters allowed is 4, you can only go up to 9999 AD and down to 999 BCE (which is typed as -999).
answered Nov 16, 2022 by Dante_Stone (940 points)
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You might consider doing something creative with the date field to make this work for your use case. For instance, instead of day/month/year you might decide that you were using that field for month/age/year that would give you 12 ages that are upto 9999 years long. Or you could do age/month/year which would give you a large number of ages to work with. Of course, this would mean that you would either have to rework your history somewhat to have ages that span less than 10000 years, or find some convenient spot to split long ages in half.

Just a thought.
answered Nov 16, 2022 by lsommerer (47,350 points)
Thanks! Won't work for all family trees in this world, but for this one it should be fine.