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How to sort the wives by marriage date (Latest Marriage on left side...)?

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62 views asked Jul 10 by Rshamsii (120 points)
To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to do this. I can't even figure out how the order is determined. It's actually dependent on who you click on in the tree as well, and can change when you click around on the children from current and previous marriages. I'm adding this as a comment in case someone comes along with an actual answer.

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As far as I know, the order is determined from the order it is added. Unlike siblings, relationship dates have no bearing on the order of the relationships, and neither do the children from those relationship's birth dates.

Here is some solutions which I answered another question with here: http://answers.familyecho.com/9316/person-several-marriages-entered-chronological-order-changed

I actually came across this issue before and I did send feedback about adding this feature some time ago, but in the meantime I came up with two solutions, but they have some setbacks.

You can delete the current relationships, add their exes, then re-add the current ones again. But if they have descendants together then that isn't possible without deleting everyone, too.
The other way is to change this in the import files. For FamilyScript files (didn't check with GEDCOM), you have to move the current partnership, the p lines, before the line with the partnership with the ex, though you would have to reimport the tree to do that and of course, pictures wouldn't be retained. Also, you might need a bit of knowledge about the file format to be able to identify the right people (basically checking if they have the same IDs).
answered Nov 22 by Z-Rena (1,280 points)