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Can a new tree be created without deleting the pre-existing tree?

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I really love using this site to make family trees for my original characters , I only recently made an account in order to properly store these trees however i forgot to check to and see if multiple trees could be stored at once. I dont think they can but if im wrong please enlighten me!
asked Jun 18, 2022 by twoons (160 points)

2 Answers

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Yes! You can make as many trees as you'd like. To make a new tree, click on My account in the upper right. From that screen you can add another tree.

If you want to experiment with your tree, you can export it as a GEDCOM file and import it as a new tree.
answered Jun 22, 2022 by lsommerer (45,120 points)
selected Jun 26, 2022 by twoons
thanks so much!
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A family tree is associated with a single person in that tree, usually you (the logged in user).  I'd call that the anchor of the tree.  Everyone is, in some way, related to that individual (sibling, ancestor, decendent, in-laws, and the families of those).

I can think of a couple of things you can do to have "multiple" trees:

1) Create a tree with "someone" as the anchor, along with "parents", then create "siblings" to the anchor (same parents) and have them be the "anchors" to their own trees.  This tree would only grow down (have decendents, not ancestors), and all of your characters would belong to the same tree.

2) Come up with a "root" userid (e.g. twoons), then create new userids for each character (e.g. twoons001, twoons002,...).  Each root character would have their own tree.
answered Jun 19, 2022 by mikeb00 (3,070 points)