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How do I "change" the date for a single family tree so it shows members' ages at a different time in history?

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I am trying to make the family Madrigal from Encanto, but since it takes place in the 1950's. For example, it says that Abuela Alma is 141 years old, but during the events of Encanto, she's only around 75. I want the correct birthdate, and the correct would-be age in the 1950's. (Also, I am using a managed chromebook, so I can't change the date.) How do I make this happen?
asked Mar 1, 2022 by Yoshiman5551 (160 points) 1 flag

1 Answer

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This will not be an especially helpful answer, but your options are limited. You could log into Family Echo on a computer where you can change the date. Or you could look in the JavaScript to see where the date is set and set it to a static date instead of the current system time. See, not very helpful, but I think those are your choices.
answered Mar 1, 2022 by lsommerer (47,090 points)
Can't do either of those, like I said, managed Chromebook. But is it possible that I could locally run Family Echo using a managed Chromebook? (Also I have a 59 GB Win computer, with 7 GB left and 4 GB of RAM. Would that work?(I also can't set the date back farther than nineteen-ninety-something for the Windows computer.))
Yes, you can run it locally by downloading the Read Only HTML file. A while ago I looked at the JavaScript to see about changing the date from the system date. I couldn’t see where to do that, but I didn’t spend that much time looking (and I don’t have much experience with JavaScript).