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How do i arrage the order of spouses to allow the order of children to be birth order?

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I am making a tree with several people having kids with different spouses along the years. I have 200+ people and I do not want to erase people because it would be a lot of work. Specifically, my problem is that the children of a specific person are not in birth order because the partner order is wrong. I have input the correct partner dates to see if that would fix the problem but it has not. So, my questiion is how do you change the partner order to accomodate the birth order of the children. Also, I have done this with people with a current partner and without a current partner and neither correctly aligns them according to birth order of the children.
asked Jul 1, 2015 by ajhad (180 points)

2 Answers

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For partners, you can select which partner is current and which is/are ex-partners. This is shown by a thicker line on the tree.

If a person has had more than two partners and you want to put them (the partners) in order, (because a thicker line to the current partner will not distinguish between the exes) you can use the number trick in the wedding & divorce/relationship start & separation dates to do this. Note that this may not re-order them on the tree.


Please also see my answer to your other question.

Hope this helps!

answered Jul 2, 2015 by p.mcallister (15,960 points)
Thank you for responding. Adding the information did nothing to rearrange the partners as you mentioned. So I am stuck with half of my tree out of order because mostly of my uncles and aunts remarried and/or had multiple children by multiple partners. If there is another way to fix this please let me know.

I obviously could delete and then re-add the partners but because I am doing an all encompassing tree the partners also have family's listed so this would make me delete whole parts of the tree just to rearrange partners. Again thank you but I think that if there is no other way to do this then this needs to be a new feature.
Sorry my answer wasn't what you wanted. Just a thought: the order the partners are displayed in will also depend on the generation counts, and who on the tree is selected.
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I had a similar problem with the spouse ordering being a problem. I found that the only way that would work was to have no current partners and to make sure that the information of the spouse is entered by the order that you want them from scratch. This is possible if there are only a few, but it isn't easy. However, if there are several, then it becomes almost impossible to start it all over. I think that an ordering feature is greatly needed for this to work as well because this is the only work around that I have found that works, but it isn't very easy to do with it being a lot of work.
answered Jul 7, 2015 by icemandeaf (620 points)