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Setting Custom Age Calculation Date

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Aightr so this might seem a bit silly but it turns out FamilyEcho is pretty great for roleplaying purposes as the only actually good family tree maker, the only thing is, the family tree I'm making includes people from before 2022 and has birth dates into the future too. I'd been using some other information slots to display the age. ie. using the "Profession" category to post the age of a person, until I noticed an automatic age calculater had been added, which is when I realised it would just count everyone as 0 after 2022.

I understand its not exactly the main purpose of this site but even if perhaps it was possible to set a custom date to calculate ages from, so like someone born in 1982 would be 101 in 2083 for example. If its not possible to implement I'd understand, just thought I may as well put it out there as an idea since this site has some pretty great functionality otherwise.
asked Jan 10 by ArthurBritannia (230 points)
Trust me your not the only one who uses this for roleplaying or even when writing your own stories... which may or may not be my primary purpose in using this site. This would be a very helpful option.
You can maybe get what you want right now. The current age calculation is done on the fly based on the date that your computer thinks it is today. So you can manually change the date to (at least on Windows 10) anything between 1996 and 2052. After you change the date, reload the Family Echo page. You might have to uncheck then check the Age option to get it to recalculate.

You'll want to change the date back once you've calculated the ages you're after, because the system date is also used for things like checking if security certificates have expired.

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Setting the age as of a certain date is now a feature of Family Echo. Under "Show options", at the bottom of the screen, if you check the toggle to show the age as of today, you can optionally change to showing the age as of an arbitrary date. This works with dates in the past or future.
answered Sep 4 by lsommerer (20,390 points)
selected 4 days ago by ArthurBritannia