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it is not a question, rather a potential feature need: "follow-up box" -- maybe am lucky :)

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dear team,

would it be possible in any of the future releases to have a "follow-up" tick-box (Y or N, or any value you think appropriate) on personal level, that I can display in the view option? - so looking at my tree I can easily see whom I need to follow up in the church records? (and for whom I have nothing more to investigate)

that would eneasier my search -- e.g. having in the past centrury kind of 8+ children by couple o/w only the half survived childhood and got married.. -- now as a workaround am either adding dummy partners as other gender (which are either updated by real ones or I delete them... ) and/or I don't fill properly the death information, just comment it , in order not to overlook someone loking at the life-years.. which is I weird approach I know, therefore I thought to ask for  a small follow up star or whatever tickbox - which would be a nice and an easily identifiable solution for the attention related issue am facing with.

Thank you for reading this and thank you if you consider this for the future. Have a nice day :)
asked Jun 27, 2021 by hhllgg (130 points)
Not a bad idea for a feature request. It sounds like you have some workarounds that are working for you. You might also consider using any of these fields:  Email, Telephone, Address, Company, Interests, Activities --that you don't already use-- as spots to store the fact that there is updating that you need to do. Those are all fields with data you can show via the "Show Options" link toward the bottom.

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If you haven't already done so, you might want to use the "Send feedback" link at the bottom of the main screen to send in this idea.
answered Jun 30, 2021 by lsommerer (47,390 points)