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Weird grey line between siblings and adoption glitch; please help me fix it

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So, I am making a family tree. A person 1 has child A with person 2, but person 2 has child B with yet another person. The person 1 adopted child B. When I click on child A, it shows that sister of person 1 adopted child B, even if that isn't the truth - it also shows grey line between person 1 and his sister; how do I fix it?

asked Jun 24, 2021 by Star_SMP (120 points)

1 Answer

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I wonder if that is a rendering artifact. Does it change anything if you resize your browser window? Are you absolutely sure that you don't have any unintended partnership relationships? That might be worth double checking. I have a pretty similar situation, and it seems to render correctly for me. In the picture below, Peter is person 1, Derek is child A, Teresa is Person 2, Lori and Micky are child B, and Deborah is the sister of Peter (person 1). You can see that it is pretty correct when I click on Derek (child A).

Can you turn off last names and years and show us what you're seeing? You might have to use an image hosting site like imger.com so you can add your picture from the URL.

answered Jun 24, 2021 by lsommerer (47,840 points)
You are right, it is visual bug cased by too high boxes. The boxes were too big, so sister's box overlapped the grey adoption line linking child B and person 1. I fixed it by turning off some options, it's pity that they have to be turned off though. Do you think there's any other way to fix it?