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Given name is not the first name / middle name as given name

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Hi! I'm missing a feature I can't seem to find.

I have family that have multiple "middle" names that are placed legally before their given names (the "spoken name" -- i.e. the name we actually call them). In other terms, the name they go by is not placed first in order.

I want to add these family members to my tree with their names in the correct legal order, but if I do that by putting all of their names in that order into the box "Given name" then the first name in order will show up as their given name on the family tree. I know I can turn on the option to show middle names in the tree and therefore see their complete full name, but the problem is that if I do that I won't know and it won't be apparent which name was their actual "spoken" name. You might think it is the first name in order, even though it might be the second or third.

Is there any way to do this that I've just missed, or is it possible to add the feature to do this somehow? Maybe by adding a second box (or the option to add a second box) for "spoken" name? Or by putting one of the names in the "given name" box within [brackets] it's recognized as the "spoken" name? Maybe it puts that name in bold?

Or will I simply have to do with inputting the name in the bio-portion?



asked Apr 6, 2021 by tovesj (120 points)
retagged Apr 6, 2021 by tovesj

1 Answer

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My workaround for this is to put the full legal given name in the given name field and then add in parenthesis the name that people acutally call them. Then I do as you suggest and simply use the show middle name option. Of course, you could use any notation you like to denote the spoken name. Your bracket idea works just as well as mine. I end up with things like, "Erhardt John (Bud) Sommerer"
answered Apr 7, 2021 by lsommerer (43,230 points)