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When importing a GEDCOM file, a few parents got rearranged?

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I was importing a GEDCOM from Geni, you see and they do have more parental features than FamilyEcho, I have to admit. This website has a lot more flexibility and efficiency, though (in Geni, you have to wait for the tree to reload when you add/edit someone but in FamilyEcho you can hop to any person and add/edit info to them quickly) and you can make fictional trees of any kind on this so I decided to switch to this when it came to fictional trees.

But I digress, so anyway, when importing the GEDCOM file from Geni, everything imported perfectly and I chose my identity, blah blah blah. I was checking everything to see if it was all there, and almost everything was, except for one situation:

On Geni, you can have separate sets of parents that are biological/adoptive/foster. I had a person (A, let's say) who had only an adoptive mother (B) but both biological parents (C, father and D, mother) and their long line of ancestors were there as well... except her parents were set to C and D. It was weird because one, D wasn't related to her and two, B was partners with C. Both of which aren't true. I used a adopted-child workaround and everything was back to normal, A's biological mother being D and B and C not being partners anymore. I suspect this must have happened due to there not being an adopted child function in the website which I'm a bit sad about but setting the mother to B instead of keeping it as D is just um... weird overall. I could have lived with B and C being partners still, but changing the mother didn't sit right with me.
asked Dec 4, 2020 by Z-Rena (1,640 points)

1 Answer

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I had an email exchange with the developer of FE last week about the option selection update.  He stated that his next project was to add adoptions to the website.  So, hang in there a solution is in the works.
answered Dec 4, 2020 by DanUgrin (21,660 points)