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How to attach documents (files, images, texts, etc) to a person ?

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I'd like to attach documents to persons in my famlity tree to provide more information, for instance :

- the birth certificate (in whatever file format)

- photos (not talking about the photo we can load and that is displayed) of the person

- movies

- etc


The idea here is to be able to upload documents that are linked to a given person, be able to list the documents, and be able to download them.

I'm not asking to have a viewer for each file format, but just to be able to upload documents thatare attched to a person, and then to be able to download them.


Thank you,


asked Nov 8 by aimeur.raouf@gmail.com (230 points)

2 Answers

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Hi there,

When it comes to uploading files, you are only able to upload a single picture to that person's profile. You aren't able to add any other files to a persons profile.

Hope this answers your question.
answered Nov 8 by dloftus (3,120 points)
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One thing you might consider is to use a free website service like Google Sites to create a simple web page displaying or linking to the the documents.  Then point to the web page in the Website field on the person's Contacts tab.

Here is a video about Google Sites.

Somewhat simpler would be to create a document with your favorite word processor that contains all the stuff you want to share.  Save it as a pdf file.  Upload the pdf file to a cloud service like Google Drive.  You can then link to that file as mentioned above.

Once you link to the website or pdf there will be a [Show xxxxx"s website] button on the side panel. Click on it to display the docs or pics etc.

answered Nov 8 by DanUgrin (16,900 points)