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New Feature: See email address attached to Member Account viewable by Founder Only

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Hi Team,

it would be useful to be able to see the email address attached to a Members account, which would be viewable by the Founder Only.

This could be done two fold:

1. have a separate list - similar to Version History, with Name | Email - where the Name is a hyperlink to someone on the Tree, only for Founders. This would be a complete list of those members that have obviously created an account with Family Tree.

2. Under the Members Details - have a section for Founders only, whereby you can see the email address of the account - this would be separate to the Contact Details. I know there is already a Contacts / email section, but it is not visible to all members if they don't add the email address, which is a great feature. By adding a separate viewable section for Founders only, the email address would show the account that has been created for a particular member.

You could also then display the access permission / Edit / Read and make it changeable.

asked Oct 20, 2020 by amrit7@hotmail.com (350 points)

1 Answer

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You should probably be using the "Send Feedback" link to make requests like this.  The help forum is primarily for users to help other users.

answered Oct 26, 2020 by DanUgrin (21,660 points)