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How do you correct an email address of an invitation?

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Hi Team,

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1. I sent an invitations but I put the email address against the wrong person. How do I correct this? For now, I've shared it again, this time with the correct person and their email address. Will this email address get overwritten correctly?

The person I've shared with, no doubt will receive 2 email invitations - 1st email invitiation against the wrong person, 2nd email invitation against the right person. Do they have to only click the second email and discard the first one, or does it not matter as I've sent it twice, it will correct itself when they create their account?

asked Oct 17, 2020 by amrit7@hotmail.com (350 points)

1 Answer

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They should only use the correct email - person link so that when they goto that link it will open with them selected as the "Me" person.  As far as I know the "share" email address isn't stored.  They can enter that when they creat their account.
answered Oct 17, 2020 by DanUgrin (21,640 points)
selected Oct 20, 2020 by amrit7@hotmail.com
I see - so the "shared" email invitation only has a link to a person and no attached email address. When they create the Account, the email address is then saved against the person.

It would be good to be able to check the email address saved against a person - even to ensure that the email address is correct and perhaps not visible to the public only to the Founder and the member themselves.