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Is there a way to set existing persons on a tree already as siblings?

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I have 2 branches of a tree put in and now realize that 2 founding members may, in fact, be brothers - would like to set them as brothers without re-typing the whole thing!
asked Apr 29 by HarrietK (120 points)

2 Answers

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You need to add the parents of the brothers.  Have not tried it but the following may work.

Select the first borther click on [Add Parents] and add the data for the parents. Select the second brother and click on [Add Parents] but do not enter any data. Just click Ok for each parent.  Now go back and select one of the parents of the second brother and click on the [Change or delete] button. Now click on the [Change parents] button. Then click on the [Choose new parents from tree] button.  You can now select the parents of the first brother (from the popup menu) as the parents of the second.  This should join them as brothers.

Let me know if this works.
answered May 1 by DanUgrin (14,460 points)
Unfortunately this did not work...I got the following message when I did it:
This choice of parents is not allowed because it would split the tree into separate pieces.

Is there possibly another way to approach it by setting 2 existing names in the tree as brothers?

Very much appreciate any additional assistance!
Sorry.  I can't find an acceptable answer.  Tried some different approaches on a test tree but cousins marrying cousins or joining branches with common ancestors seems to be a week point for F.E.  It doesn't want to join them but creates separate "duplicate" branches at the common ancestors and married cousin ends.
   You might want to try contacting F.E. directly with the "Send Feedback" link to see if they might consider a fix.  But I have a hunch it's just to complicated or it wouldn't be a problem now.
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This might work.

Add parents for the first sibling, with data.

Than select the second sibling. Select change or delete, change parents, select parents already on the tree.
Choose the parents from the list, done!
answered Jul 26 by WilliamDentTollen (160 points)
I've just timed this right. Just started my tree and needed to add married 1st cousins.
Your answer worked perfectly.