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How can I change the my tag?

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I messed up and the "you" tag was given to my Great-great-grandfather, who I am not, with my clear understanding...
asked Feb 26 by benedekszabolcs (120 points)

2 Answers

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Your question is not simple ...
I think that you need to correct the issue.
Or even delete it ...
A tag is a promotion tool, not a genealogical search ....
But this is a portal, a tool for finding PEOPLE, and you need to use the tools that are designed for this!
Only specific questions about relatives will bring you closer to your goal.
They are looking for relatives here !!!!!!!!!
I apologize for my English ...
I am Russian.
But ...
We are all looking for loved ones.
And the tags are far .....
From the search .....
I hope that I did not offend anyone ...
Just expressed my point of view ...
The main thing in the geneatological search is to check every day where they scattered grains!
Search Grains!
Looking for .... looking for ..... looking for ....
And these are not tags!
They will not help you ....
You must accurately formulate your question.
Sorry if I offended you with something!
I am very tolerant and respect everyone!


answered Feb 28 by tykotsky@runbox.com (580 points)
edited Feb 28 by tykotsky@runbox.com
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Sounds like you are confusing the "me" or home person with "you."

The only way I know to fix this is to create a copy of your tree as follows:

  1. Export a GEDCOM backup of your tree. [Download or export] button at lower left of tree view screen.
  2. Click on My Account at the upper right of screen.
  3. Click on the [Create or import new family] button.
  4. Click on the [Import GEDCOM or FamilyScript...] botton (lower left)
  5. Browse and open the GEDCOM backup you made. Click on [Import]
  6. Find you name in the drop down list to select yourself as the "me" person.
  7. Click on [Finish Import]

You should now have a copy of your tree with the corrected "me" and you can go to the My Account screen and delete the old version and rename the new tree as desired. Make sure you are happy with the new tree first. cheeky

Be aware the GEDCOM and or FamilyScript backup export does not save any pictures from your tree.  If you have any you will need to re-upload them to the new tree.

answered Mar 13 by DanUgrin (10,570 points)
edited Mar 13 by DanUgrin