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Marriage between siblings // historical tree

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I'm trying to create a family tree for the Mughals and unfortunately as we can't have sibling marriage the tree isn't showing properly. Can a feature be added to FamilyEcho for this? Thank you.
asked Apr 22, 2015 by sanstark (310 points)

3 Answers

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There is no current way of adding a marriage between siblings; the closest that you can get is first cousins and step-siblings (who don't share any of the same parents). I hope your Mughal family tree goes well. Here are a few sites you can use: 



answered Apr 22, 2015 by erisedstar30259 (5,390 points)
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 This answer comes from the question of: "How do I create common parents for 3 siblings already in the tree?"

"Add parents to any one sibling, then for the other two, go to Change and Delete > Change Parents > Choose New Parents from Tree and select the parents names. Hope this helped!"

The result is that the info is in correctly but the display is not ideal.

answered Apr 23, 2015 by e_u_wr (140 points)
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This issue seems to be afflicting more and more people. Family Echo should hopefully take notice of all these posts and allow sibling marriages. Then we can make trees for the Mughals, Egyptians and Targaryens to our hearts' content!
answered Apr 23, 2015 by p.mcallister (15,760 points)