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i am so grateful to have a site like Family Echo. We created a tree with over 500 people listed.  We would like to print it and display it at our family reunion happening in two weeks. If someone could assist me in getting the ENTIRE tree printed that would be great.  We start out printing it to find out it collapse part of the chart.  We expand the collapse part and the other section of the chart collapes.  Is there a way to just have the entire tree printed. I've gone to printing companies with little success.  Any info you have, I welcome. Thanks
asked Jul 11 by digginsfamily (160 points)

1 Answer

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So it depends on what you mean by "the entire tree".
No matter what you do, you cannot get the ancestors of the spouses of your family tree, e.g. your uncle's wife's parents, or your own spouse's parents.  If they are not related by blood to the person you selected to view, you will see that person but not their parents.
I'm not saying you can't see/print people in your tree that are not blood relatives - you can, but you can't see/print THEIR parents/grandparents/siblings/...
This makes sense, because if they did appear, they would have their own tree with branches, and it would all become a big jumbled mess.  The way I can see doing this is if the tree was 3D, so spouses' trees could be in front of / behind your tree.  But of course, there is no 3D tree in Family Echo...
Keep in mind that what you see on the screen is what you can print; if you can't get it to show up on the screen the way you want, you can't print it that way either.
If you're OK with the above constraint, then it should just be a matter of selecting the person from whom you want the tree to "grow" and select 15 generations of Parents and of Children and of Others.  This will ensure you'll get as many people as possible.  Then on the print dialog box, be sure to set the number of pages for height and for width so that everything will be large enough for people to read.
answered Jul 23 by mikeb00 (1,780 points)