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how do I print to include all the relatives

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87 views asked Mar 11 by koko100 (140 points)

1 Answer

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I'm not completely sure I understand what you are asking for.  Are you asking how to get "everyone" (within a reasonable number of generations) to appear, or how to "fit" the relatives you see on your screen onto a printout?
If the first, understand that what will print is what you can get to appear on the screen, so if you don't see it on the screen, it won't get printed.
Doing some experimenting, I found the following:
When selecting myself:
I can see myself + spouse & our children
I can see each of my siblings + spouses & their children
I can see both of my parents, each of their siblings + spouses (my aunts & uncles) & their children (my first cousins) and grandchildren (my first cousins once removed)
However, I don't see my spouse's parents or siblings.  Also, going back beyond my parents, I can only see direct ancestors: my mother's & father's parents (my grandparents), but none of their siblings (great aunts & uncles).  Same for their parents and so on; only direct ancestors.

When selecting my father's father (my grandfather)
I can see all of his direct descendents (sons & daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) and each of their spouses, but none of the spouses' ancestors, e.g. not my mother's parents or her siblings, nor my siblings' spouses' parents or siblings.
I can see his (my grandfather's) siblings and each of their descendents and their spouses, but again no additional family for the spouses.

So the rule seems to be that you can see the selected person's immediate family, including parents/aunts/uncles/cousins, and their spouses, and that person's direct ancestors, but nothing more of the spouses (parents or siblings) or siblings of grandparents or beyond.

If you are trying to get a "complete" family tree beyond 2 generations, the Family Echo GUI doesn't appear to provide a means to do that.  And realistically, such a diagram would quickly become unwieldy.

If on the other hand you are asking how to get everyone that appears on your screen (allowing for scrolling the image around) to fit on a printout, simply increase the width & height (# of pages) in the print dialog to allow for everyone to fit without it printing too small.  Use the Print Preview button to see how adjusting these values changes what the printout looks like.
answered Mar 16 by mikeb00 (1,560 points)