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Is there a way to undo a mass deletion of all of the members?

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Is there a way we can restore a family tree that was "trolled" and had every member deleted today on March 13th, 2015? It was destroyed by a person that was actually on the tree and it says that I deleted it. And if I look in the history it says that I was the one who edited all of that but, of course, I would never destroy the sentimental tree. I spent a lot of time into this tree making it funny for us and putting inside jokes in and, yeah, it's a little inappropriate but that doesn't mean I don't value our family tree even if none of us are related. I consider them my REAL family and I adore the fact that we have a history thing to look when all of us became true friends. As in, not all of them were added at the beginning and it grew bigger as we gained more friends.

I feel like just adding them all back in would just be depressing. It started it in 2013 and, of course, over time it grew as I found more people I care about.

Sorry for getting sentimental and all, and I probably just wasted so many people's time, but I've been switching between rage and depression right now. I didn't even give him my username let alone my password so how was he able to destroy it like he did? People will probably throw this question out because the names are a little controversial, but none had curses in them until this "trolling" took place. It's so gross looking in the history because it looks like I named somebody (and myself) [enter an offensive insult] when I'd never do that.

How was he able to edit the tree?
asked Mar 13, 2015 by STDfamily (150 points)

1 Answer

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He must have got hold of your password and username somehow- did you leave them lying around? Try emailing for proper support for account recovery. Good luck!
answered Mar 15, 2015 by p.mcallister (15,960 points)