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Is there a way to change who "you" is (the author of the tree)

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When I first joined FamilyTree I made my first family tree; it was my boyfriend's family, so I started with him. However, because I started with him, he is now registered as "the author of the tree",  and referred to as "you". ? I never intended him to be the centre of the tree, I just happened to add him first.

So is there a way I could make myself be the author?

Thanks a lot for your time!
asked Jan 17, 2017 by MeganStift (270 points)

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One easy way is to make a copy of the tree and make yourself the new "author."

Click on [Download / export this family]

Select the Family Script format option and click [Download].

Your download will be an exe or zip file which you should open to extract the FamilyScript file. It will be a txt file.

Back in the Family Echo screen, click on [My Account].

Click on [Create or import new family].

Then click on Import GEDCOM or FamilyScript...].

Click on [Browse] and locate the txt FamilyScript file you extracted.

Click on [Import].

There will now be a drop down menu that will allow you to pick yourself as the new "yourself" person.

Lastly click on [Finish import].

Tell your boyfriend the old tree is his to do with as he pleases and the new one is yours. blush


answered Jan 18, 2017 by DanUgrin (21,640 points)
edited Jan 18, 2017 by DanUgrin
Tried this method. It changed the Founder on the new tree on Family Echo. However, when I  exported this new tree as a GEDCOM file and then imported it into Ancestry, the old Founder was still there and nothing but he and his ancestors were on the new Ancestry tree.
Sorry but that stumps me. Haven't tried importing files into Ancestry.
Fantastic, this worked a treat. Thank you.