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My conncting lines are over-extended and make viewing difficult.

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I've noticed that as the tree gets larger (at present 19 generations) the connecting lines can get very long, often taking up the whole screen several times over. This can lead to much clicking and dragging on the screen to get between people, and making it difficult to add new people in the correct places. This seems unnecessary as the lines could easily all be shrunk to fit more on the screen.

Is there a fix for this, and if not please could #familyecho do something about it? This is generally a very useful site and has few other flaws, so it's a shame this one is threatening to compromise that.
asked Mar 4, 2015 by p.mcallister (15,750 points)

1 Answer

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I'm afraid that it isn't possible to change this at the moment. The lines are drawn to fit in all the family. What you could do is look at part of the family tree at a time. For instance if you reduce the number of generations shown  for 'Parents', 'Children' and 'Others' to focus on the part of the tree you are editing then it should be more manageable.
answered Mar 8, 2015 by FamilyEchoSupport (22,080 points)
Thank you for your answer. I am aware of the generation-restrictor function, but I do find it does have limitations. However, I appreciate that it would probably be very difficult to fix this.
Thank you for your help!