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Tree displays differently to me and to shared users

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There's a very minor cosmetic issue that's annoying me a bit. Not sure if this is user error or a bug. I currently use FamilyEcho in Chrome 44.0.2403.125.

I've noticed that my tree displays slightly differently depending on whether I am logged into FamilyEcho, or whether I am a user who has received a link from me to share the tree. Even when I toggle all the settings to match what I have when I am logged in.

The gist of it is that the tree is more vertically compact (and to my mind, aesthetically pleasing) when I am logged in. I have the tree set to display life years, no middle names, show sidebar, don't show key, show 2 gen parents, 1 gen children, 2 gen others.

I created a share link using the "invite person to share family" button. To see what the other person will see when clicking the link, I pasted the link into a new incognito tab in Chrome. Even when I take care to apparently set all the same settings as I listed above, the tree still looks different from when I'm logged in normally. There is much greater vertical distance between parents and children, making the tree look much more awkward. To see a child's grandparents requires much more zooming out than before because the boxes are farther apart, making the tree harder to read - it looks like a bunch of small boxes joined by long connecting sticks.

Is there a way for users to resolve this? I can paste in screenshots if necessary.

EDIT: Answering my own question, but leaving it here in case others have this issue. The problem is fixed by making sure both trees are also set to "no photos." I have one person in my nearly 4000-person tree who I added a photo for. That one person's photo makes their box about twice as long (vertically) as non-photo boxes when "show photos" is selected. But it also means that FamilyEcho has to make the connector lines between their whole generation's boxes longer so that their boxes take up the same amount of vertical distance as the bigger box of the guy with the photo. Otherwise the tree would presumably end up crooked - people would end up displayed higher or lower than others in the same generation. So photo-guy's box has normal, short connecting lines, and people without photos (everyone else) get new, much longer connectors.

But not only does this affect photo-guy's generation, it also affects every other generation in the tree as well because FamilyEcho doesn't  make their connector lines the usual, short lengths either (even though the longer length is not necessary to ensure proper alignment in those generations). Thus, if you have a big tree where only a few people have photos, selecting "show photos" is going to make the whole thing look weird. 

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asked Aug 6, 2015 by mb663 (200 points)
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