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What is the reason behind there being no way to revoke access to a family tree?

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I would like to know the philosophy behind the permanence of the inability to revoke permissions on a family tree. Why not allow the owner of a family tree to disable those they chose to give permission to? Why not even prevent them from seeing additions to that tree?

I love FamilyEcho, so much that I wish I could donate for this tool, and I have been sharing it with everyone I know for some time now and speaking highly of it. However, a situation has arisen where knowledge of certain information within the tree by a family member with viewing rights to the tree has become undesirable. As the creator of the tree and the person who spends time expanding it, I have the right, and should have the ability, to revoke the right I gave him in it. In any case, nowhere is it even stated that the rights given are permanent and irrevocable when the "share" button is clicked.

The option of wasting time deleting the part I do not want the family member to see and uploading the previous GEDCOM file separately so that only I have access to its entirety is absurd. As a programmer I know it should not be difficult to implement this functionality.

Please, explain the rationale for this decision or change the sharing methodology.
asked Jan 14 by MachineNeil (380 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
Makes sense to me. I would like to hear the answer as well.
answered Mar 23 by rgvasqueztree (130 points)