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With 38,760 points I have heard you are the wise and all knowing Wizard of Id

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All kidding aside, it worked way back when (about two years ago)  but not any more. I am unable to save tree in the NON EDIT mode so you can share the informaton with my family but not have anyone change it  -  the information on the screen states after 5+ miuntes to  = "try again later"

Thanks for your help

Tom Hart

Boston, MA
asked Nov 16, 2023 by thomharte (310 points)

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You would be suprised how little you have to know to answer most of these questions. I only started answering them as a way to say thank you to the guys who developes Family Echo.

I'm not sure what steps to take to reproduce your problem. Could you give me step by step how to get the error?

Lloyd Sommerer
answered Nov 17, 2023 by lsommerer (47,350 points)
Wow! thank you for your quick response - it's quite simple really I am at this screen - which states "to produce a  Read-only HTML page (one file) For browsing from disk or adding to a website, with a read only Family Echo interface." After I start the saving process right around 3-5 minutes a message appears stating "try again later..." Please note that no other facets this file conversion process is having any problems. with this process.  I am having two grand-children coming (being born) in Feb 2024 and I would like to offer my family a keepsake - but one click in the wrong place could erase all my hard work. Once again Thank you for all of your efforts - if it doesn't work I supposed I could do a work around.  Thanks for listing .... Keep up the great work you do Respectfully yours, Tom Harte Boston, MA - PS your location on the globe was mentioned in a previous e-mail - please stay safe over there...
Are you still having problems with this? I just tried it and it worked for me. What a nice idea for a keepsake!

Also, I'm not the developer. I'm just a guy trying to answer quesitons.