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Why can't I add parents, brothers or sisters, but only edit the members' details?

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my cousin and I are building the tree of our family bit by bit, but when I recently wanted to add new family members, I couldn't add parents, brothers or sisters to existing family members because It would create a new separate family tree. The exact message it says is “To add X's parents, brothers or sisters, a new family branch can be created.” below that is a button to create a separate tree that is then added to my account.
I thought maybe we hit some kind of limit because people were too far away from the founder (my cousin), but I ruled that possibility out because I noticed that I can't even add brothers/sisters to my father.
Strangely, this happens only on family members that I personally added to the tree or edited in the past. I am able to add parents etc. to very far away members that my cousin has originally added to the tree. Also, my cousin can without any issues add new siblings/parents to the members I have problems with.
I already removed the family from my account and joined again with a share link, but that didn't fix it. I cleaned cookies and tried different browsers without any luck.
Likewise, I wonder if anyone ever had this issue because it really seems to me to be a bug.
Thanks in advance for anyone to tries to help me with this! <3
asked May 3, 2023 by Jonas_Knuspi (180 points)

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